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December 04, 2003



I have recently been thinking somewhat about this matter - regarding the alleged lack of adequate coverage of 'good news' in Iraq by the media. I will soon be publishing a guest blog entry (at another conservative's website) that deals some with this issue.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that those of use in the United States will first and foremost be concerned about things that directly affect our country, and our people. In one of my classes - either last Monday, or the Monday before, there is a Marine, who was going through some tough times because two of his military buddies had just recently died. One of them died in combat; it was in Iraq. These are the types of issues and tragedies that hit close to home - they directly impact Americans.

While it is definitely true that the 'good news' that you are referring to indirectly impacts our people here at home (in more than one significant way), the bad news, such as what I just mentioned, is very, very, very much more important to our citizens as a whole than news about museums being cleaned up and schools being opened in foreign countries. The people of any nation would feel that way. So that could be one reason for this perceived 'inadequacy' of the coverage of the positive occurences in Iraq.

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