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December 11, 2003



God is not going to tell us to do something that goes against the Bible. If she knew the Bible she would have known that was the pizza she ate or the devil.


I think the point of my article is that I think God tries to give us advice on how to live our lives in harmony and with grace. The thought that God tells people to kill is obscene in my view. He may be more lenient in regards to certain killing over other, but God would never endorse or even command acts that are so obviously against the ten commandments and simple common decency.


well, you managed to find a topic I could finally disagree with! Don't get me wrong -- I completely agree with the whole "no sex with your children" thing. It's the concept that God doesn't speak with you.

Granted, I come from the perspective of one who believes I communicate with God daily -- I speak with Him verbally, but also silently. He communicates with me -- never (to this point) verbally, but primarily through the Bible and through others.

If I ever have a doubt of whether what I'm "hearing" comes from God or just myself, I look for affirmation/confirmation in the Bible. If Crazy Lady had used the same filtering device, she likely would have avoided traumatizing her own children.

One of the funniest (unintentional or not) lines I've read lately was your closing statement.
That, my friend, is good advice. I don't care who you are!

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