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January 29, 2004



I was curious how many links I'd find between SDS and John Kerry. Lots of links match the search, but I have to plow through each one to come up with anthing of use. Perhaps some of you would be interested in helping plow through the match list


But wait, there's more! Some of these terrorists are now teaching at American universities...

"Their revolutionary language pursues them to this day, including the phrase attributed to Bill Ayers, a Weathermen founder, to "kill all the rich people." Then there were the words of Bernardine Dohrn, another founder, who seemed to delight in the Manson family murders before a Students for a Democratic Society crowd in 1969. (She has since said it was a joke.)

"...Ayers is a distinguished professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ms. Dohrn, his wife, teaches law at Northwestern University and is director of its Children and Family Justice Center. "


Your post citing "the truth about the 60's left" would have us believe that everyone who took part in protest for political and social change was an extremist radical bomber, which obviously just isn't so. I remember, since I was there protesting peacefully. As a matter of fact, at an antiwar protest on 63rd and Broadway in NYC while the ASCAP building was under construction, we had rivets rain down on us, injuring many. But I suppose that the construction workers who were responsible were just conservative patriots defending what they thought was right by any means necessary.

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