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February 11, 2004


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I know how you feel.I also lost a friend because he was trying to save me my husband and his entire family from a man who had killed before.The man that killed my friend had been in prison in 1981 for murder and got out in just 3 years.Years after that he was tried for another murder but they declared it a mistrial with not enough evidense.Then he held my husband,sister and law,my heroic friend and I hostage.He held us for a long while and was threatening to kill my friends entire family in search for his estranged wife he was wanting to kill.My friend got between the man and the gun and got him to leave but he headed for my friends family.My friend went to warn them but the man was shortly behind him.They locked the doors and the man was trying to break in so my friend went out the back to stop him and he was then shot.The man came in and shot another lady and he did all this in front of several very young children.His wife was not even in the home.He just wanted to kill and it didn't matter who.If the justice system had done there job this man would have never been able to do this.


And had we executed thirteen men on death row in Illinois, we would have killed the wrong men. Just the tip of the iceberg regarding the most flawed form of punishment in human history. But I suppose you death penalty advocates would say that was acceptable collateral damage.


Death Penalty opponents contend that executing murderers doesn't deter crime. In this case, had the murderer been executed, he wouldn't have escaped to kill again. Obviously, I look at things differently from opponents of capital punishment.



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