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July 21, 2004


Curious Stranger

So, I'm assuming this wasn't actually a "Question for Dems" as the title implies. Unsurprisingly it appears to be more of the same old tired talk radio preaching to the choir that we get from you on-air. I'm dissapointed. I'd hoped for an actual substantive discussion, but instead I get more pissing into the wind.

Curious Stranger

I notice you didn't mention Rand Beers. Why is that?

What exactly did Joe Wilson lie about? Or is just saying it good enough? The White House admitted the "16 Words" didn't belong in the State of the Union. Are they now retracting that? Did someone not reveal his wife as an undercover CIA agent in violation of the law? Given your strict adherence to the word of law in the Sandy Berger matter, I'm sure you'd like to see this person hand-cuffed and tossed in prison, yes? What does your talking points sheet say about this?

And as for Richard Clarke, had you read his book, or followed his career at all (something which I, as a computer security professional had long before his recent book-borne fame) you'd know that he turned to cybersecurity out of frustration with his warnings on al Queda being ignored. He didn't switch to the cybersecurity job until October 2001.

I heard you repeat this post over and over on your radio broadcast yesterday, but I don't bother calling talk radio, its pissing into the wind. But since you chose to commit it to "paper" here, I thought I'd challenge your contentions.

How can someone who is as serious about national security as you seem to be support a draft-dodging, dope-snorting, war-bungling, homeland-security-ignoring mouth-breather like Bush?

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