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August 27, 2004



College Degrees are as often as not indicators of educated derelicts.

Further, I had to belssed fortune of growing up in the first metropolitan city to require college degrees for their police, and at least early on (granted it was a new baby city at the time as well) this requirement pretty much guaranteed you would get some pompous idiot attempting to exert not control, but force and superiority instead. My first half dozen experiences with the police led me to believe they couldn't tell their (insert body part of choice) from a hole in the ground... Then, I experienced police away from the great metropolis of young Lakewood, and golly, these guys were smarter, more efficient, just enough scary to make you want to respect them, and just enough kind to make you want to respect them - they were from Denver. College can be an asset, but only to those folks who actually apply all of life's lessons. Having a piece of paper with your name on it does not represent common sense or the ability to look OUTSIDE the box.

Tim Worstall

Why the College Degree?
A minimum 21 or maybe even 25 age limit, that makes sense, let's get mature people doing the job. Every police shooting going to a grand jury? Sure, every one should be investigated in the same way. But why college? Tehre are already way too many jobs in the US where you need a degree to no apparent benefit.

kent Collins

having some knowledge of the DPD I can say that in this one instance I kind of agree with you. Only kind of because, this case was a big screw up. The other cases I don't have a problem with. Go here( and see what a "box cutter" can do. If you have any friends in law enforcement ask them if they can get you access to the FBI training video regarding knives. Short version is intoxicated male can cover 21 feet before officer can clear gun from holster and fire shot.I know the Childs shooting brings up lots of questions but he was no ordinary 12 year old. his size was that of well built 16 year old. Further if he was no danger then why the call to 911?

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