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August 23, 2004


Curious Stranger

If MoveOn had published a book on Bush's connections to Hitler, and was hyping that book with television commercials all over the place you might have a point. But it didn't, so you don't. Apples and Oranges.

The Hitler video was one of thousands of entries in a contest. It wasn't produced by MoveOne, it wasn't paid for by MoveOn, it wasn't endorsed by MoveOn, unlike Bush and the SBVT. No member of John Kerry's veteran's steering committee appeared in the Hitler commercial, unlike Bush and SBVT. No party officials/organizations endorsed the ad, unlike Bush and SBVT. The ad wasn't a lie, it was opinion, unlike Bush and SBVT. Zack Exley was not working for John Kerry until months afterwards, and he hasn't done work for MoveOn since.

To try and draw a parallel between the two is ridiculous and you should be embarrased for trying.


Curious, and calling Bush, Hiter was factual? I'm being fair on this point, you should be too. And as far as links to a campaign, it should be noted that the director of internet communication for Kerry is a MoveOn guy. Bush fired his link. Why won't Kerry. At least TRY to be fair on this point please.

Curious Stranger

The difference is the demonstrated connections between the Bush/Cheney campaign and the Swift Boat Veterans. Not to mention that none of their charges are substantial or true. They're full of it.

Bloodthirsty Warmonger

Welcome back!:) Oh yes, don't hold your breath while Kerry is wondering what to do next. Amazing what one small, modestly financed group at the right place and time can do to a cluster of Democratic 527's with over $100 million at their disposal.

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