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September 24, 2004



Another issue is that now, kids will still travel in packs, but instead of all being contained together with one potential weapon, they will be hanging out the windows, talking on their phones, and chasing each other around, playing chicken, drag racing (I know, because I do remember being 16 years old, and I thought I was a rather good driver, so I pushed EVERY limit!) -- but now they will have multiple weapons to kill themselves with, and in my mind more distraction. I feel strongly that parents need to step up and stop expecting government/school faculty to raise their kids for them. Why can't parents set some limits - you know like back in the good old days... yeah we broke our parents rules, and sometimes we didn't get caught... but generally, all my friends parents and all my parents friends knew the rules, and so maybe your parents wouldn't see you doing donuts in the school parking lot, but somehow someway they would find out and you were busted. And busted generally meant not only no car keys (even if you bought the car yourself!) but also no going out with other kids for awhile... it really was an effective deterrent. I'll never forget the time I actually drag raced right past my dad, (oh yeah, I bought my car, not my parents)... needless to say, I also sold my car.

Howard Smith

Forgive if I'm wrong, but doesn't a curfew also say that minors can't be out between midnight & 5 AM? How about the cops just start enforcing the curfew? I guess that would be too easy.


The sad thing is that these laws always seem to pass.

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