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February 03, 2005



You know there is just one thing to rember.I'm not advocating this,but,if it ever came down to a civil war between us and the lefties we have already won the war!! Simply put we own all the guns!!!!

Trooper John Smith

Man, I'm glad the Lefties are Peeeeeeaceful folks, or we'd be in real trouble!

Let's see... I cause trouble, act like a total jerk, get arrested and 'cuffed for resisting arrest and then whine because "my widdo' wists hooit". Typical idiotvictimwhinerputz.


The audio contained some useful tidbits for those of us who intend to cause a riot at the next public (or private) meeting we attend. I especially enjoyed the tactic of the woman repeatedly screaming "Give me my cane! Give me my cane!" Wonder if she was a University of Miami supporter, or did she just need a little sugar?

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