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March 29, 2005



Go get Jumanji and watch it. It was a plan not a comedy.

If you're a white westerner you're condemned to complete cultural genocide by the same folks who have lassooed you with guilt since the second world war ended. They run your country, from the top of your politics, law and media right down to who can preach what on the street corner.

Don't forget Rachel Corrie either. Both her murder and that of Rhonda Maloney were different but symptomatic of the 'who's who' strangle hold on our world.

How come Bob Dylan doesn't do another 'Hurricane' song here? Not topical enough eh?


amen to that, and not in an overly religious way. Whether or not you take the bible in with you, whether or not you are religious, what you know from life guides you... and doesn't the bible also have phrases like "judgement is mine, sayeth the Lord" and "thou shalt not kill" -- I'm not an overly religious person myself, and I haven't read any part of the bible in years, but I do recall there are caveats against dishing out punishment...groan at this wave of every body every where covering their ass at the expense of true justice and logic... don't get me started on juvenile justice

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