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June 16, 2005



What is amazing to me is that while Dick comes under fire, Rangle said exactly the same thing 3 days before him and gets off scott-free?

I guess Durbin can't get away with being stupid because he's white? Not that I'm racist but logically that's the only difference between Rangle and Durbin that would be a reason to ignore him. Scary, isn't it?

Bloodthirsty Warmonger

We live in the golden age of hyperbole. This type of irresponsible rhetoric not only cheapens the experiences of those who survived the real Soviet gulags or Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge - it also leaves us wide open to more atrocities. As evidence I present Bill Clinton's two terms as President. The world was no less a dangerous place back then, but he had so many ways of glossing over the evils taking place or being planned than his successors.


One of many reasons he's an idiot, but a powerful one.

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