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November 17, 2005



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CC: I agree with most of what you have to say
about ANWR and energy development. I disagree
with current technology of wind farming. I don’t
find pumping oil wells any more visually polluting
than “windmills.” I find very little difference in fact.
And windmills seem to take much more space for
much less energy. I also think the bird question is a ruse. Environmentalists can't make up their minds: i.e. Robert "NIMBY" Kennedy JR. opposition to windmills where he lives.

Hy-Brid cars are 66% as polluting as regular vehicles
but there is a serious problem with the batteries which
have to be replaced every six years. What’s going to happen with the lead? Undoubtedly, it won’t all get recycled. So the lead and acidic pollution is potentially enormous NOT, counting the increased costs. A new set a batteries is about 6-thousand per hy-brid, again, every six years.

There is always a trade off. The question is do environmentalists honestly look at the negatives their “solutions” force upon the rest of us.


Richard Anderson

Hey Colorado Conservative,

This is my first time on your blog in a while and this entry caught my eye. I am currently stationed in Barrow, AK. I was amazed how many of the native Alaskans are in favor of drilling in ANWR. Now that I am here, I understand why. This is not a pristine wilderness like you see in the Sierra Club and Greenpeace ads. This is Barren Tundra. I have not see a tree, bush or even a blade of grass since I have been here. The only wildlife I have seen is one polar bear and one polar owl. I probably would have seen more, but the sun hasn't risen in three weeks and we can not even see the barren nothingness. Drilling in ANWR will raise the standard of living for the locals, especially the Inupiat natives. They live of the local ecology, they eat the seals, whales, bear and they wear the fur of the fox and other furry creatures. (I don't know where they find them, but they do) But without exception, every person who I have asked, supports drilling in ANWR. Those people who do not want to drill here, need to come to the North Slope of Alaska, come visit the "top of the world" and see what we are talking about. Drill away my friends, drill away.

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